Day OP Time Lead
Sunday 8PM EST Aeflic
Monday Unofficial Any
Tuesday Unofficial Any
Wednesday Unofficial Any
Thursday Unofficial Any
Friday Unofficial Any
Saturday Unofficial Any

– We are New Conglomerate.
– We fight on Emerald (US EAST).
– Objective-based gameplay at its finest.

Weekly Operations

We hold operations every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8:00PM EST. Guests are welcome, but please keep in mind these are organized events, and comm-discipline is important. Operations are usually streamed so head over to the TwitchTV page to check them out!

Join Requirements

We choose quality over quantity. We set high recruitment standards. Apply if you meet these requirements:
– BR 60 MINIMUM (soft requirement)
– 2.0 K/D Ratio (soft requirement)
– Ability to Adapt
– Situation Awareness
– Teamwork/Coordination Oriented
– Effective Communication Skills
– TeamSpeak 3 and a good microphone